Friendship Day with Jump Rope [Virtual Event]

2 August 2020

We invite you for an Exciting Virtual Event on 2 August 2020 - "Friendship Day With Jump Rope" There is a common saying: "Friends make good times better and hard times easy"

We know there are many things that you want to say to your friends but couldn’t say it.⁣ This friendship day we are giving you a chance to motivate your friend and gift them a healthy habit of Jump Rope = live healthier + live long following all necessary precautions and maintaining social distance during these critical COVID19 times.

Thank your friend for being there for you, with us.
Let's Celebrate this special day Together as a Safe and Fun-Filled Friendsversay!


Deliverables: E-Certificate, E-Greeting & Customized Social Media Posts.

- Tickets are non-refundable.
- Data Submission is Mandatory.
- Apps you can use are Android Users: Jumpro & ios Users: Jump Rope or any App that can count your jumping steps.

- Jump Rope as per your convenience - Your Time | Your Place
- Record a short video of 20/30 seconds Rope Jumping
- Download an App to count your jumping steps and share the data on our official What's App no. +91-7014086152
- Data submission is mandatory

Disclaimer: People suffering from osteoporosis, bone injury or recovering from surgery should avoid skipping and consult a doctor for a green signal.

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